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Irlupa by Rita Watson

This is a story about Irlupa, a site near Papulankatja in Western Australia, a place where Western Ngaayatjara and east earn Pitjantjatjara dielects diverge. This is Rita's father's ngurra (camp and country) where she spent time as young person and is home to many important tjukurpa (dreaming) sites and stories and inma (songs) for Anangu in this area. Rita's uncle was travelling from Irlupa to Pita Pita and saw his little brother (Rita's father) born in a rockhole there. Rita paints the features of his camp such as tjukula (rockholes), kalyan kalyan (Honey grevilla plant), tjanpi (spinifex), Kampurarpa (Bush Tomatoes), Anangu (people), punu (trees) and wiltja (windbreaks) in an iconographic milpajunanyi (traditional sand drawing) style.

46 x 46 cms
Acrylic on canvas
$ 382.00 AUD