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Tjulpu by Kushia Young

Kushia Young was born in 1996 and lives in Pipalyatjara with her auntie, Carol Young. At a very early age, Kushia lost her hearing, and was diagnosed as clinically deaf. During her formative school years, she was given the opportunity to go to Adelaide so that she could learn Auslan It was during this time that she was also encouraged to focus on and develop drawing and painting. Today Kushia lives in Pipalyatjara with her family. Her painting style is quite unique to the region, and could be said to be heavily influenced by her keen observational skills and her love for nature and country. She particularly likes to paint ‘tjulpu’ (birds) and other animals. This is a painting of tjulpiu (birds) native to the Kalka and Pipalyatjara communities of South Australia.They are a part of every day life, but also play their part in some dreaming stories.

61 x 61cm
Acrylic on Canvas
$ 372.00 AUD